About Us

Our company has a long history in supplying quality wild freshwater fish. Amongst our many customers, we supply most of the regional famous restaurants. Following years of efforts in quality control and mutual support, the company has consolidated the trust of our business partners and successfully gained customer recognition.

Most of our wild freshwater fish are from the states of Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan and Sarawak.

The traditional method of freshwater fish supply may not able to meet the market demand as it is an unsteady source of supply. In order to provide a stable source of quality freshwater fish supply, our company has adopted an innovative approach called net hanging fish farm ponds.

Our net hanging freshwater fish farms are located in Pahang River. This is to take advantage of the cleanliness and purity of the river that flows in tropical rainforest (Taman Nagara- Gunung Tahan National Park). The natural elements and clean river water enables the company to cultivate high quality freshwater fish.

In order to ensure reliability of the product, we conduct quarantine inspection on all of our products to create a safe and reliable freshwater fish supply chain.

As part of the business expansion plan, the company is currently expanding to markets overseas. We firmly believe that our quality products will receive the recognition and support from overseas partners.