Patin Fish



Patin Fish


Scientific name:P.nasutus


Growth Place:

This fish is originally from Southeast Asia. It can be found in rivers and lakes of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and others. Patin fish can be found in almost all the major Malaysian water streams such as Pahang River, Kenyir Lake, Kelantan River and others.



Catfish is one of the family members in Patin fish. This fish like to cluster between them and rests in the deeper levels of the water sources. Patin fish has beautiful appearance; its shape is similar to that of the catfish. Small Patin fish are grey colored and will turn brighter as they turn adult. It is lively fish, often swimming near the water surface. It can breathe outside water as it has strong tolerance to hypoxia. There are two types of body coloration, black and white. Black colored are also know as Black Patin. In Malaysia, there are four types of Patin fish; River Patin (P.nasutus), Mucung Patin (Helicophagus waandersii), Champion Patin (P. micronemus) and Patin King. Patin King is the result between the combination of Black Patin and River Patin.


Main Food:

Omnivorous fish but more specifically belong to carnivorous. It primarily eats aquatic insects, fish, shrimp, all kinds of dead animals, fruit and plant debris.


Fish size:

This fish has long and rather flat body, arched back, conical head and small mouth. The gill membrane is not linked to its jaws. It has a large swim bladder that also provides the ability to breathe air. This fish cartilage is similar to that of sharks, whales, squid and eel. It can weigh up to 20 kg.


Fish meat characteristics:

It is fresh, tender, no small thorns and its fat has wonderful aroma. The best Patin Fish should weigh more than 2 kg.