Scientific name:Tor Tambroides

Local name:Empurau(Sarawak), Pelian(Sabah), Chinese name consist of “Wang Bu Liao”, “Wen Bu Liao”, “En Bu Lao”, “Hong Ji Luo”, Ikan Kelah(West Malaysia), Malaysia Mahseer(English name)



Originally from India and Southeast Asia, “Empurau” is part of the Carp’s family. It is the favorite of British anglers living in India. “Empurau” can be found in many countries in Southeast Asia.


Growth place:

The wild “Empurau” grows in fast flowing unpolluted rivers that are found in highland forests. In Malaysia, “Empurau” can be found in the following places: Pahang’s Taman Negara National Park and Lubuk Tenor; River of Nenggiri and River of Relau in Kelantan; Terengganu’s Petang River, Trenggan River, Tembat River, and Loh River; Perak’s Kejor River and Mangga River, and Sarawak Sibu, Rejang River, Banan, Limbang and Batang Ai river basin.


Main food:

They are omnivores. They eat algae, crustaceans, insects, frogs, and other fish, but also eat fruits falling from trees near the river such as combretocarpus.


Fish size:

“Empurau” has head sharper than average fish, large forked tail, thick lip, rudder like anal and a slightly compressed cylindrical body. Its color varies from pale to bright red. During the first year, “Empurau” weights only 4.5 grams, in the second year, they grow up to 1-2 kg, and up to 3-5 kg in the third year. The biggest “Empurau” can reach up to 100 kg (according to past records).


Fish meat characteristics:

The fish is tender and has a subtle fruity flavor of combretocarpus. The best fish meat often comes from the fish weighing between 4 to 5 Kg. Malaysia “Empurau” fish has a distinct flavor from those of other countries due to the fish’s consumption of combretocarpus fruit.